Recorder Games is filled with fun games, activities and warm-ups for the beginning recorder student. There is a strong emphasis on the exploration stage which allows students to safely explore different aspects of the recorder while providing endless opportunities for the teacher to easily assess their playing.

Most of the selections are accompanied by a set of visuals, in both PDF format and PowerPoint. One lesson could have as many as twenty different slides. The visuals are bright and stimulating which helps create interest and keeps the lesson moving.

During the activities, take time to note hand position, being conscious that the left hand is on top. Several of the games quickly encourage students to use their left hand on top, which then secures correct hand position at an early stage in their playing. While the games are fun, do not allow students to over blow. Many of the activities encourage students to improvise both with pitch direction, and melodic lines. Responding to visual images are also included in many of the lessons. As with many aspects in music, the student can usually play more difficult patterns than they can initially read.

This book does not take the place of a method book. Instead, it includes short activities which create interest and makes the beginning activities in learning a new instrument in a fun and engaging experience. There are lessons for small ensemble work, question and answer activities, test templates, and rhythmic reading.

Another wonderful feature of this book is it allows you to work with various skill levels at the same time. As students learn new notes, it would be advantageous to return to a lesson and use the new note in the lesson. Circle Game and Stick the Ending are perfect examples of this.

There is no set progression, except I would encourage you to teach the first two lessons in the Beginning Activities section first. I have enjoyed using these lessons with my students, and I hope they work for you as well. Feel free to make them your own. And finally, please be respectful of copyright laws. The CD is for the purchaser to make one copy of the disc included in this resource for archival purposes only. Please do not make a copy for your friends.

Chris Judah-Lauder, 2004