Recorder Success is a refreshing, hands free approach recorder method for classroom or individual use. The CD/Book package includes full color PowerPoint visuals containing over one hundred songs and exercises, an assessment grid and fingering chart. Every Unit has its own PowerPoint presentation, which includes additional suggestions for theory, articulation, and instrumental accompaniment.

The PowerPoint format keeps the students focused on the music, allows time for group score analysis and is a step towards going green.

There is a strong emphasis on improvisation and student created variations and forms. Most songs are eight to sixteen measures in length with many duets included. A larger staff font is used to help children stay focused.

The sequence is designed to assist children in developing proper placement of the right hand on the lower register of the recorder. For this reason, Low E is introduced after B which will decrease the poor hand position habits that often develop when Low E is taught at a later stage. Additionally, adding Low E offers many opportunities for playing and improvising in G Major and Minor pentatonic scales. The sequence of pitches taught in this method are: B, A, G, Low E, High C, High D, Low D, F#, Low C, Low F, and High E.

Permission is granted for purchaser of this package to download the CD and make copies for one school.

Chris Judah-Lauder, 2011