picture of Chris Judah-Lauder, Past-President AOSA, GSES teacher of the year, Publisher for Sweet Pipes, Beatin' Path, Alfred Publishing Comp., Macmillan McGraw-Hill

Chris Judah-Lauder

2017 National Conference Chair AOSA Professional Development Conference

Retired Middle School Music Teacher, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX

Clinician, Composer, Consultant & Author


Chris Judah-Lauder is published in The ORFF Echo, Reverberations, the MENC Journal and is a contributing senior author for the textbook K-8 series Spotlight on Music published by Macmillan/McGraw Hill.

She has authored 18 books, emphasizing songs that are age and class relevant and classroom tested. Her books include full scores, visuals and process instructions.

In 2002 Chris produced a CD titled Select Beats with her Good Shepherd Episcopal School Select Ensembles in the production studios of Charlie Pride's Dallas recording studio. The use of the studio was arranged and financially supported by one of the parents at Good Shepherd, who was instrumental in the production of the CD.

Good Shepherd's Select Beats CD: Kanon

The arrangements include:

  1. Dance (by Carl Orff & Gunid Keetman; arranged by Chris Judah-Lauder)
  2. All Night (Traditional Spiritual; arranged by Michael Nichols)
  3. Four Solo's (by © Chris Judah-Lauder)
  4. Images (by © Chris Judah-Lauder; featuring xylophones by Paul Lander, Travis Lauder, Blake Maguire)
  5. Parson's Farewell (arranged by Gerald Burakoff & Willy Strickland; Bass Recorder Solo: Sarah Compton)
  6. Street Song (by Carl Orff; boom pipes are used in variations 2, 3 and 4)
  7. Carol of the Bells (arranged by Chris Judah-Lauder)
  8. It's Only Monday (by © Chris Judah-Lauder)
  9. Cooking Light (by Brent Holl)
  10. Kanon (Vivace) (by Gunid Keetman; arranged by Chris Judah-Lauder)
  11. Dona Nobis (Traditional; vocalists: Meredith McAlister, Sarah Compton, Amanda Foster, Emily Rice, Emily Brown, Margaret Campbell)
  12. Hickory Dickory Dock (arranged by Chris Judah-Lauder)
  13. Jewe (by Brent Holl; arranged by Chris Judah-Lauder)
  14. Rush Hour (by © Shirley McRae; solo on xylophone by Blake Maguire)
  15. Clave (by Walt Hampton)
  16. Cougar's Call (Good Shepherd Episcopal School - School Song)
  17. Out Takes

Persons interested in acquiring copies of the CD should contact Chris directly. The CD is no longer in production, but copies of the CD remain and will be sold until the inventory is exhausted.

Spotlight On Music: Chris was a senior contributing author for the 2008 publication of Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's publication of Spotlight on Music K-8 music textbooks. The textbooks "...provides opportunities for students to understand music concepts and skills, read music notation, perform music, and celebrate music with fresh, age-appropriate materials. Students gain confidence and discover the joy of music through familiar songs, exciting recordings, engaging performance materials, and sequenced instruction." The textbook series includes student and teacher editions and musical accompaniment books.

Recorder Stack Charts: Chris has developed, working with with Sweet Pipes, a complete set of recorder stack charts for the visually enhanced learner in all of us.

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cd cover - Select Beats by Chris Judah Lauder @ GSES

(2002) Select Beats [CD], produced at Charlie Pride's Dallas studio.