picture of Chris Judah-Lauder, Past-President AOSA, GSES teacher of the year, Publisher for Sweet Pipes, Beatin' Path, Alfred Publishing Comp., Macmillan McGraw-Hill

Chris Judah-Lauder

2017 National Conference Chair AOSA Professional Development Conference

Retired Middle School Music Teacher, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX

Clinician, Composer, Consultant & Author

Workshops - AOSA Teacher Instruction

Chris Judah-Lauder conducts workshops throughout the US and Canada. Her materials are developed with a realistic expectation that other students can also master her songs. She has 'classroom proven' techniques that she shares with other teachers.

Instructor: She is a certified AOSA levels instructor. She has taught at Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas; VanderCook School of Music - Chicago, Illinois; Luther College - Decorah, Iowa; University of North Texas - Denton, Texas; University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida; Montreat College - Asheville, North Carolina; James Madison University - Harrisonville, Virginia; and Southern Methodist University - Dallas, Texas.

Clinician: Chris has been a clinician at the Music Educators Associations of Texas, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Alabama and Arizona. She has presented at ISAS, PASIC, Choristers Guild and Montreat Worship and Church Conference.

Scheduled Music Workshops

Date Location Contact
Jan 10-12, 2013 AMEA Conference - Alabama Beth Davis
Feb 2, 2013 Northern California AOSA Sarah Noll
Feb 15, 2013 TMEA - San Antonio, TX
It Takes Two - 11:00AM-12:00 Noon
Chris Judah-Lauder
March 2, 2013 Tennessee Orff -- Nashville, TN Kathy Lunceford
April 13, 2013 Connecticut Orff Chapter - Hartford, CT Helen Smith
June 10-14, 2013 Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
AOSA - Masters: Exploring the Volumes
Diane Persellin
July 4-7, 2013 Orff-Schulwerk Forum - Salzburg, Austria
Principles of Orff-Schulwerk in Schools
Chris Judah-Lauder
July 15-26, 2013 VanderCook School of Music, Chicago, IL
AOSA: Level II Movement; Level III Basic
Rick Palese
Sept 21, 2013 North Texas AOSA, Dallas, TX David Parrish
Oct 5, 2013 First Iowa Orff Chapter - Cedar Falls, IO Aaron Hansen
Oct 19, 2013 Capital Area Chapter AOSA - Austin, TX Carrianne Vernatis
Nov 13-17, 2013 AOSA National Conference - Denver, CO Chris Judah-Lauder
March 22, 2014 Pittsburgh Golden Triangle Chapter - Jeannette, PA Martina Vasil
March 29, 2014 Workshop in Victoria, Texas Elizabeth Krajewski
June 9-20, 2014 Orff-Schulwerk Level III - San Antonio, TX Diane Persellin
July 14-25, 2014 Orff-Schulwerk Level III - Chicago, IL Rick Palese
Aug 18, 2014 Arlington ISD - Music Teacher Workshop Barbara Keaton
Aug 30, 2014 North Louisiana Chapter AOSA - Shreveport, LA Kathy Seal
Sept 20, 2014 Heart of Illinois Chapter AOSA - Mahomet, IL Sue Keeble
Oct 11, 2014 Heart of Texas Chapter AOSA - Hewitt, TX Paula Hoover
Jan 29-31, 2015 Georgia Music Educators Association - Savanna, GA Chris Judah-Lauder
Mar 28, 2015 Central Ohio Orff Chapter - Columbus, Ohio Clinton Wright
Apr 18, 2015 Las Vegas Orff Chapter - Las Vegas, NV Kelley Kennedy
June 8-19, 2015 Orff-Schulwerk Level III - San Antonio, TX Diane Persellin
July 6-17, 2015 Orff-Schulwerk Level III - Chicago, IL Rick Palese
Nov 11-16, 2015 AOSA in San Diego, CA Rhonda Greeson
Jan 25, 2016 Mission ISD: Smartboard Workshop - McAllen, TX Dorothy Trevino
Feb 27, 2016 Atlanta Orff Chapter - Atlanta, GA Jenny Chambless
April 28-30, 2016 Carl Orff Canada - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Elizabeth Nevels
June 6-17, 2016 Trinity University Orff Schulwerk Level III - San Antonio, TX Diane Persellin
June 20-July 1, 2016 Orff-Schulwerk Level III - Detroit, MI Judith Barthwell
July 18-22, 2016 VanderCook Orff Master Class - Chicago, IL Patrick Benson
July 29-30, 2016 Kansas Orff Chapter - Kansas City, KA Jennifer Donovan
August 12-13, 2016 Wyoming Orff Chapter - Cheyenne, WY Amy Lenell Ledwith
Sept 10, 2016 American River Orff Chapter - Sacramento, CA Stephanie Tomicich
Sept 11, 2016 Central California Music Fusian Orff Ch. - Fresno, CA Helga Medd
Sept 20, 2016 Fort Worth ISD Music Staff Devvelopment Chrissie Seligson
Sept 24, 2016 Greater Rochester Orff Chapter - Rochester, NY Al Heary
Sept 29-30, 2016 Alaska Orff Chapter - Anchorage, AK Elizabeth Knapp
October 10, 2016 Denton ISD - Denton, TX Kiaran H Beck
Nov 14, 2016 Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD - Carrollton, TX Brett C Farr
January 5, 2017 NMEA: Albuquerque, New Mexico Jan Delgado
January 16, 2017 Millard Public School Elem. Vocal Staff Dev. Omaha, NE Devoyne Mallings
February 4, 2017 Texas A&M Univwersity-Commerce, Commerce, TX Darla Meek
March 11, 2017 Los Angeles Chapter AOSA -- Pasadina Conservatory of Music, Pasadena, CA Richard Lawton
April 8, 2017 Green Country Oklahoma Orff Chapter - Tulsa, OK Michelle D. McCarver
April 29, 2017 North Prairie Winds Orff Chapter - North Dakota Elizabeth Fielder
April 22, 2017 Meyers Music - Grand Rapids, MI Leslie Deppe
May 13, 2017 First Iowa Orff Chapter - Cedar Falls, Iowa Aaron Hansen
June 5-16, 2017 Trinity University Orff Schulwerk Level III - San Antonio, TX Diane Persellin
June 26-30, 2017 Baker University: Orff Master Class Gregory Gooden
July 10-21, 2017 Orff Level III North Dakota State Univ. Fargo, ND Charlette L. Moe
August 26, 2017 South Florida Orff Chapter - Broward County, FL Claudia Z. Lusararian
Sept 30, 2017 Alberta Orff Canada - Edmonton, Alberta Angela Lee
Nov 8-12, 2017 2017 AOSA Conference - Fort Worth, TX Chris Judah-Lauder
Jan 12-13, 2018 New Mexico Education Assn - Albequerque, NM Paul Hallsted
Jan 20, 2018 Black Hills AOSA - Rapid City, SD Tammy Richards
Feb 24, 2018 Arizona Orff Chapter Becky Bull
April 7, 2018 Great Plains Orff Chapter - Omaha, NE Kristine Wolfe
April 19-22, 2018 National Conf of Carl Orff Canada - Niagra Falls, Canada Brenda Schepper
June 4-15, 2018 Orff Level III - Trinity University, San Antonio, TX Diane Persellin
June 25-29, 2018 St. Louis University: Orff Master Class Brian Burnett
Sept 22, 2018 Calgary Orff Chapter - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Mack Fraser
October 15-16, 2020 Montana Music Educators Conference Laura Curtis