Hands on Recorder - Book 2

For the Teacher

Hands On Recorder, Book Two can be used successfully by the intermediate student recorder player in the general music class, the recorder class, or in an individual instruction situation.

Hands On Recorder, Book Two is a carefully graded intermediate method specifically designed to follow Hands On Recorder, Book One. It can also be used to follow other beginning recorder methods.

Exercises are included in order to build a solid technical background and sound recorder technique. They should be practiced slowly at first, and then at a gradually increased tempo for maximum benefit to the students.

The musical selections cover a wide variety of styles and periods, and have been carefully chosen for their musical and educational value.

All new material is presented clearly and attractively in gray panels.

Some songs make suggestions on dynamics and breath marks. Others depend on the tempo and student ability, and should be used to enhance the musical phrase. They can be inserted at the teacherís discretion.

Ensemble playing is an important and enjoyable part of learning to play an instrument. It improves music reading, listening skills, and the ability to play independently.

Chris Judah-Lauder, 2006