picture of Chris Judah-Lauder, Past-President AOSA, GSES teacher of the year, Publisher for Sweet Pipes, Beatin' Path, Alfred Publishing Comp., Macmillan McGraw-Hill

Chris Judah-Lauder

2017 National Conference Chair AOSA Professional Development Conference

Retired Middle School Music Teacher, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas, TX

Clinician, Composer, Consultant & Author

Fun With Photographs

Chris Judah-Lauder, no slouch with a recorder, is also good with a camera. And, proud of the labors of love that produce these wonderful views from her backyard [except for Spike]. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

photo of July full moon
Chris relaxing under the July full moon cookin' s'mores.

photo of cottage rain lilly
Another cottage flower: rain lily. Chris misses this blossom every year because of her work schedule.

photo of metal chairs from back yard
Chris repainted the 40's metal chairs for the deck and dock. Mary simply watched!

photo of tulips from back yard
Part of our Easter Lily bouquet.

photo of tulips from back yard
A butterfly that thinks its a hummingbird.

photo of tulips from back yard
Two lips are better than one.

photo of lily from back yard
New variety for us. We love them.

photo of African Crane bird
Chris' favorite bird from Hawaii: Spike.